Artist Statement

With tears in her eyes, a young nurse was wrapping a dead body of a martyr, thinking that she did all she could to save him and the many others.

A life was growing in her, promising that peaceful days were around the corner. In one of the last days of the fall in 1985, with a heart full of hope, she gave birth to a girl that became me.

I was born in the middle of an eight year war between my country and our neighbour country. My childhood was affected by the war and its aftermath. Those cruel grey days could not take away our dreams for the future. We hoped for a future that would bring peaceful and happy days for all of us. 


I survived, and now I am older than my mom was when she gave birth to me. But I still wonder, has this world brought the peace we imagined?


Lullaby of motherland is my homage to all children whose dreams have been buried under the ruins of war, displacement, and aching for their home, but they cannot stop dreaming for better days to come. They dream of the days where they can play in the streets of their motherland again, and the sound of cheerful laughter fills the air.