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Roya Ebtehaj is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in the Bay Area, California. Working across new media, she incorporates VR/AR, 3D, web, video, animation, photography and installation to reflect on the complex relationships between memories, stress, identity and displacement.


Ebtehaj’s art practice is shaped by the juxtaposition of her Iranian background along with her identity as an immigrant in an unfamiliar culture. Growing up in a land of paradoxes during a time of intense conflict and change, she was impelled to deal with the stress of finding her true self in such a society.


Ebtehaj relocated to the United States in 2016 in order to develop her art practice without the restraints of censorship. Meanwhile, being confronted with the Western perception of the Middle East, Roya felt the urge to shed light on the contradictions and ambiguities of contemporary Iranian society in order to open up a transcultural dialogue. 

She creates a poetic collage of personal narratives to uncover a socio-political realm shaped by anxiety, conflict, and invasion in a polarized and politicized world. 


Ebtehaj has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in different venues such as Kyoto shibori museum, Root Division, B4b4lab, Richmond Art Center, Maker Faire,  Berkeley Art Center, and Tehran Platform 3. She is currently a Postdoctoral fellow at Santa Clara University in the Department of Art and Art History; teaching Digital Imaging, 3D Animation & Modeling.  


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