As the result of a collaboration beginning in September 2017, Three Corners & Twenty-Three Cracks is an exploration of presence within three distinct yet overlapping zones: the two-dimensional, the three-dimensional and the digital; a sharing and coexistence of multiple environments.


The human-like qualities of a broken picture frame brought together Mape Andrews, Roya Ebtehaj and Leily Khatibi, three MFA students from San Jose State University, to partner in

creating a multimedia art piece; visualizing the power of community, strength, trauma and loss, fragility, generosity, life, hope, alchemy, magic and mystery. Their fellow art graduate students also participated by making individual artworks from the glass fragments and narrating stories of how they relate to this larger plan and the viewers. 


Each shard has its own nature and unique shape that is illuminated with projection mapping. Light and sound bring the shattered bits of glass to life. The artists’ recorded voice and the sound of wind complement on the parallels between the origins of creation and the involvement of destruction. The point of impact transformed the ehssence of the frame forever into a continuance and reincarnation. The cracks and the black hole in the heart of the picture frame are a foundation to the collapse of matter and notions of a new beginning.